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Here at Revel Kitchen, we know real food leads to real victories. Just ask Owner Simon Lusky – he’s been cooking for the St. Louis Cardinals since 2010, with professional recipes that inspired our menu today. From our restaurant to our Caterings and food truck, we’re committed to providing the best food, planned and prepared the right way, to fuel the small steps that lead to the big wins.



Wonder where the good stuff comes from?

Meet our friends. We wish we could high-five them every day, but this page will do for now. We don’t just get our food from anywhere – we carefully select the most trusted farming, seafood and meat specialists to make sure your food is local and fresh, every time.

“Simply the best you can get”
“Since my first day in the big leagues, I made the decision to let Revel Kitchen handle my food and nutrition. The decision was easy after hearing and seeing all the great results they had done for the team. For the past two seasons Revel has helped me achieve my goals. I know that the food I get from them is always going to taste great, but most importantly help me succeed! Their results and food speak for themselves; it is simply the best you can get.”
Trevor Rosenthal
St.Louis Cardinals
“A huge help”
“Thanks for providing me with healthy delicious options. It’s been a huge help for my performance on the field”
Matt Holliday
St.Louis Cardinals
“Unbeatable quality and flavor”
“Since I’ve started eating the snacks from Revel Kitchen, I’ve noticed an improvement in my performance. Fueling my body between and during rounds with the healthy and great tasting snacks they provide has been crucial. The quality and flavor are unbeatable.“
Rickie Fowler
PGA Professional Golfer
“A drastic change”
“I started on Meal Plans at Revel Kitchen about 10 months ago to compliment my training program, and aid in avoiding "dad bod syndrome". Since that time I have seen a drastic change in my body composition and physical appearance. Not only do I get appropriate portions and hit quality ingredients, but I also get my lunches cheaper than what I could get them for on the run at restaurants during the workday.“
Caleb Geuns
“Worth every penny”
“We love Revel Kitchen! It has made our lives so much easier and healthier! We make better choices now and save money by not going out to eat multiple times a week. Being able to spend more time in the evening with our family instead of planning our meals is worth every penny!
Rheagan Reynolds
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